Xenical online and how to lose weight and get rid of cellulite

The issues we are interested in losing weight often. Women more concerned with this topic: pregnancy and childbirth affect the way the female body that maintain a healthy xenical for weight loss becomes difficult. The extra kilos and strive to "adhere on", and especially after the winter holidays, and "hikes for guests." That has to "deal with the weight of" seeking ways to "poeffektivnee": women often turn to "miracle pill", or sweating and "clenched teeth", are engaged for hours on simulators. And few people think or even know that plain water is not only an excellent way to maintain a healthy weight, but also medicine, allowing ease for many diseases and even recover completely.

Why is it so easy?

When they say that brilliant - easy, it is necessary immediately to recall the laws of nature: becoming a "civilized" people, we have forgotten about them completely. Life began in water, and without water can not, but we ignore this law, turning your body into a real "battlefield": our cells are forced to literally every day to fight for the precious moisture, but it is still not enough, and they are billions perish from dehydration.

Any malfunction of the body, including fat metabolism disorders in 99% of cases occur due to acute water shortage. The human body consists of water by more than 2/3, and we are trying to lose weight, try to "round up the water," using diuretics diet, and not always with the use of conventional products: it teas and other pharmaceutical drugs work faster. This approach is not only spoil the figure - water "coming" and the fat remains - but also undermines the health, "come round" after a diet, the cells begin to store water for future use, making it difficult for the kidneys and other internal organs.

How to lose weight with water?

First of all, you need to learn how to drink water every time you want "something to bite," and specifically restrict your diet is not required. Most people hardly distinguish hunger from thirst: the brain fluid is required, and we have an appetite, but after a glass of water, he often "appeased." If after 20-30 minutes is still hungry, eat; However, getting the fluid portion of the body portion be satisfied with less food - this is the beginning of the weight loss process. And if you do not wait until the want to eat, and to drink water on time, the appetite begins to manifest itself less and less. A figure will become more slender, most often with the problems faced by overweight people who are not used to drink clean water.

When the cells receive little water, reduced rate of metabolic processes in the body; Fats are broken down too slowly - formed body fat. Burning fat is accelerated when the water begins to flow in sufficient quantity. First, urination becomes more frequent, but it is more or less normal in a few days, and the weight gradually starts to leave. But if you do not restrict salt in the diet, to restore the water balance is unlikely: the water will be retained in the tissues, accumulate, there will be swelling - of the weight loss can not speak here.

Slimming with water even developed a special water diet, and some of them, assessed as safe and effective, have become very popular among those who want to keep your figure in shape.

Water diet

There are different versions water diets; we give softer. From diet clean flour, fatty, sugary and fried foods, reduce the amount of salt; drink unsweetened tea, coffee - with a minimum sugar (1-1 / 2 tsp).

The water should be drunk on schedule to achieve the best effect. Full glass of clean, lukewarm water for 30 minutes before a meal, and even glass - no earlier than 2 hours after. In the drink do not need food. In the morning, as soon as woke up, it is highly desirable to drink 2 cups of water (the body loses moisture during the night), also moderately warm (you can with lemon juice). With a short diet to start more convenient: you can check how the body responds, and to prepare him for a more serious variants, allowing to get rid of excess weight 10-18 kg.

In the matter of weight loss weight subtleties and nuances, which hardly anyone pays attention. When you decide to lose weight, you turn to a variety of sources such as the Internet, with only one purpose - to get specific advice on how to make it faster and easier. But all can not give a universal advice, we are all different. Therefore, the results can be achieved not everyone. So what, then, are these details that need to pay attention to the result really was?

Eating habits

If you are not used to eating 5 times a day, as recommended by the diet, and, moreover, do not eat breakfast, then do not commit violence against themselves for the sake of a great goal. It does not matter how many times a day you eat. The main thing is how many calories per day you get. If you are comfortable there are only 2 times a day, and you can easily carry the big breaks in the meal, leave everything as it is. Recommendations for fractional nutrition contribute to a fact that when small breaks in food intake control appetite becomes easier. However, these recommendations are not directly related to the process of losing weight.

Taste preferences

Absolutely all diets restrict the range of products that can be eaten, it does not do any footnotes that some people are allergic or just do not tolerate certain foods or dishes. The standard one for all. Meanwhile, our taste preferences are formed all his life under the influence of our family and the environment. Break them in one moment it is simply impossible. Forced change of diet even for a short period of time perceived by the body as stress. But this kind of stress inevitably leads to breakdowns. So do not give up completely from what used to eat every day. Exclude only the most high-calorie foods, replace them with a low-calorie. You can not live without sweets? Do not deny yourself the pleasure of this small, but replace eclairs on marshmallows and piece of cake on the candy or marmalade. But if you can not live a day without chocolate, eat, but a small piece. The main thing - watch the calories.

Physical training

You can find a lot of recommendations on physical activity - anaerobic exercise, aerobic exercise, static, and so on, 3 days a week in the gym for 3 hours or 4 days a week for 2 hours. The problem is that immediately rush to perform tips virtually impossible for various reasons. Some people due to busy at work or in connection with the care of a child can not afford the luxury of spending 3 hours a day on a trip to the fitness club. Some people do not do not permit the limited finances, and to someone and just health, for example, damaged joints. The reasons may be many, but the essence is one. One can not demand from all exactly the same physical resources. If you fall into this category, do not despair. Researchers generally say that there is no difference, whether incorporated exercise into your weight loss program or not. It does not matter exactly how you have reached a negative energy balance - by reducing caloric intake or by increasing their consumption. Of course, if you do something, and the other, the effect is more pronounced.


Are you a couch potato, for which a trip out of town or a walk in the park is something exceptional. But according to the instructions, you simply vital for a walk every day at least one hour in the park. Hold on there for more than 2 days? Hardly. And whether it is necessary to change something? In good, yes. But not so sharply. If you're on the first day of struggle against excess weight three times did not pass his estate, nothing terrible will happen. Is drawn into the process gradually. If you do not like the idea to get out in the evenings on the street, buy a bike and pedal while watching your favorite show. This is also a physical activity. And no one could blame you lay on the couch.

Proper motivation

This is the most important moment. Unfortunately, this is very few people and where speaks and writes. About what to do, much has been written, but about what, why, almost no information. We think that we are very well know what we want to lose weight. Why do we even listen to someone? If you think so, you are not quite right. The fact that the motivation may be different. If it is wrong, then the result will be more modest, and more likely that you will soon give up the idea. For example, you saw in the store pretty dress to measure, but it sits on you bad, obviously in the wrong place something sticks. It is necessary to lose weight. But after a week or two delightful image of the toilet begins to fade in your mind, and there comes a moment when he ceases to be an incentive for you. By and large, do not worry. You can simply buy another dress that will hide some of the shortcomings of your figure, if it will look just as good. If the motivation is correct, strong, it is not going anywhere either a week or a month or a year. An example would be overweight problems that interfere with a woman to get pregnant.

Drugs for weight loss

Almost every means of advertising for weight loss promises a stunning result, and without any effort on your part. If such means existed, overweight people simply do not exist. About diet and say no, no one would simply not know what it is all about. Meanwhile, all the tools are different both in action and efficacy. For example, biologically active additives (BAA). Some people they help, some do not. Judging by the fact that their life is short - no more than 3 - 4 years, we can conclude that they their effectiveness is not high. Anyone who tried to use them quickly disappointed in the result and refused admission. Another thing medicines. They must undergo clinical trials to prove efficacy. That is why they have existed for decades. Another reason for its longevity is that as long as there orlistat and sibutramine, nothing new and more effective has not been invented.

Preparations containing orlistat, such as Mini Listata partially block the absorption of fats in the intestine, whereby the caloric intake is reduced. This does not mean that you can abandon the diet. Still adhere to limit your calorie intake is necessary. These tools help make the process of losing weight faster and more efficient, but does not do everything for you. They are good for those who can not completely abandon the high-fat foods, but adheres to the nutritional advice in general.

Preaparaty containing sibutramine, such as Plus Goldline affect saturation center in the brain. At their reception prolonged satiety, hunger is blocked and diet becomes much easier. The studies revealed that the application of such means the average caloric intake is reduced by 25% and the amount of food consumed by 20%. Also, these drugs increase the production of heat by the body, thereby additionally per day burns about 100 calories. Agents acting on the appetite, it is recommended to take the people who own at first, can not adhere to the restrictions on diet. The effect when administered develops gradually during the first month, and the maximum effect is observed after three months of continuous reception. If, however, increase the intake of up to six months, during which time you can not only effectively reduce weight, but also to form the correct eating habits, which in consequence will not only easy to stick to the diet, but also to maintain the achieved results for a long time.


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